Donald Trump signs idiotic new executive order aimed at punishing Twitter

Earlier today Donald Trump vowed to punish Twitter, and if necessary shut it down entirely, because the social network dared to place a fact check warning label on two of his most dishonest tweets. Now Trump has taken, well, some kind of retaliatory action against Twitter.

Trump is signing an executive order about “social media and internet companies” according to Jeff Mason of Reuters. No details have been provided about what’s in this document. But executive orders are narrow in scope by definition, and Trump literally can’t use them to interfere with the operation of Twitter.

So either this executive order is overreaching and will be immediately shot down in court before it can even take effect, or this executive order is toothless and Trump’s advisers crafted it simply to appease him into believing he’s taking some kind of action when he isn’t. Either way, this is completely idiotic. Trump is wasting his time and focus on total nonsense.

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