Donald Trump’s evil in a nutshell

Let’s be clear. Kim Jong Un is an evil, evil man. He is a man who has ordered the murders of more human beings than Charles Manson could dream about. He is a man who would happily sacrifice the lives of any number of his people to sustain his tiniest comfort. He is a man with an ego so incomprehensibly vast that anyone caught singing his praises with substandard zeal can be put to death at any time.

Otto Frederick Warmbier, a 22 year old American college student visiting Pyongyang in 2016, was existentially murdered by Kim Jong Un for attempting to steal a propaganda poster. We know that “Chairman Kim,” as Trump prefers to call him these days, was responsible, due to the bloodbath that failed to follow the death of Mr. Warmbier. Had Mr. Warmbier died in contravention to an order by “Chairman Kim,” many people would have also died as a consequence. They did not. To date, not a single person in North Korea has been punished for the death of Otto Warmbier. Kim told Donald Trump he knew nothing about the death of Warmbier. That was good enough for Trump.

No wonder Trump loves him. Meet Kim Jong Un, ladies and gentlemen, the beloved of the President of the United States. So when, to the considerable alarm of the Prime Minister of Japan and the UN National Security Council, Kim launched short range ballistic missiles in a recent test, Trump said, “There have been no long-range missiles going out. And I think that someday we’ll have a deal. I’m not in a rush.”

And when Kim Jong Un referred to former vice president Joe Biden as, “a fool of low IQ,” Trump quite naturally agreed with him. Indeed, so much attention in the press has been given about the outrage generated as a consequence of Trump’s approval of Kim’s statement, Trump has backpedaled the remark somewhat. But the gist of Trump’s response was that he agrees with “Chairman Kim,” murderous dictator, that a fellow American deserves such an insult at the hands of a foreign enemy.

This, in microcosm, is how Donald Trump gets away with collusion with foreign dictators, while simultaneously proclaiming “No collusion.” This, in microcosm, is how the mainstream press lets him get away with it, by not noticing, or affecting not to notice. This, in microcosm, is what the Mueller Report was all about. Donald Trump is for sale, for the low, low price of the stroke of his ego by any evildoer willing to do so. This is how dictators “play” Trump like an Amati violin. Welcome to Donald Trump 101. Class is dismissed.

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