Here’s the evidence that Donald Trump was behind the National Enquirer’s attempted blackmail of Jeff Bezos

Last night, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos published proof that the National Enquirer and its boss David Pecker were trying to blackmail him. Bezos also laid out a compelling argument that Donald Trump was likely involved in the plot against him. And of course we’ve all seen Trump’s tweets about Bezos. But we’ve unearthed evidence that Trump was indeed behind it.

The better part of a year ago, after Donald Trump became outraged at how Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post was covering him, Trump began plotting with his staff on how to get revenge against Bezos. We know this because four unnamed members of Trump’s own staff blabbed about it to Vanity Fair at the time.

One of Trump’s staffers said that Donald Trump’s obsession with taking down Jeff Bezos was “off the hook” and then put it this way: “Trump is like, how can I f— with him?” Again, these were Trump’s own people remarking to the media about how obsessed Trump was with Bezos.

This evidence gives federal prosecutors a prime place to start digging. Donald Trump told at least four of his White House staffers about his revenge plans against Jeff Bezos. The SDNY will simply need to narrow down a list of names and interview these people under oath, if it hasn’t done so already.