Everything hits the fan

Hope Hicks is going to prison, unless she helps send Donald Trump there. Devin Nunes and his memo have become such a criminal fiasco that Nunes might be going to prison too. Trump tried and apparently failed to get a loyalty pledge out of Rod Rosenstein, but kept him on the job anyway. Trump’s own handpicked FBI Director is publicly telling him to buzz off. Trump’s own former legal spokesman just sold him out hardcore. Both parties are now publicly threatening to leak classified information. And those are just the lowlights. What is going on?

This is the part where everything hits the fan. We warned you recently that it would be coming soon. We’re nearing the endgame stage in which all of the secrets are coming out in rapid fashion because there’s no longer any reason for anyone to hold anything back. As a result of everything that’s surfacing, we’re seeing frantic scrambling by those in trouble, and swift countermoves by those on the opposing side. It’s getting stranger by the hour.

In the time since I began typing this article, the narrative has taken yet another turn for the bizarre. Adam Schiff and Jim Himes of the House Intelligence Committee just revealed that after Devin Nunes had the committee vote on the release of the memo, Nunes went back and materially changed the wording without telling anyone. Yet the Democrats somehow found out anyway, and they haven’t told us how they did.

This lawless chaotic brinksmanship is bad for America. It’s bad for democracy. It’s bad for the public’s peace of mind. But it’s difficult to argue that any of this is going well for Donald Trump and his team. As their backs get further up against the wall, this will only serve to get even stranger. The night is still young.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report