Everything Donald Trump touches turns to excrement

On December 26, “President” Donald Trump went to his first combat zone, picking Iraq as the destination, with a stop in Germany as well. The trip was a surprise, and is the right thing for a sitting president to do. His reasons for the trip are unclear, although like many things Trump does, it may have been triggered by the media coverage focused on the fact that he had not visited any combat zones to date.

In any event, Trump went and spoke with the troops in Iraq. Trump then told the lies that Palmer Report has previously reported on about the raises for the troops. That was in and of itself just every day Trump. But then a thing happened, according to the Associated Press, that is much more troubling. Post-visit, the Iraqi parliament demanded that the United States troops leave Iraq because the visit was “arrogant” and was part of “the ongoing American violations of Iraqi sovereignty.” Trump told the troops that he would use Iraq as a base of any interactions with Syria, in light of his announced plans to withdraw troops from Syria. Not having troops in Iraq would be disastrous for the United States military operations.

Unfortunately, that is not the only issue Trump created. He also gave up the location of U.S. Navy Seal Team Five because he asked the chaplain of Seal Team Five to take a selfie with him, then posted a video which included the moment. Special operation forces are usually treated as classified because of the need to protect these individuals as they protect our interests around the world.

Finally, Trump gave out MAGA hats (he denies this but he’s a constant liar), and promoted his “Keep America Great” theme for his campaign, and several soldiers at the bases were seen with Trump banners and MAGA hats. They may have violated the Department of Defense guidelines prohibiting political activities. Some service personnel had Trump sign the MAGA hats, and there is a photo of some at the German base sporting a banner for Trump. If so, again, these individuals likely crossed the line, egged on by Cadet Bone Spurs. Trump’s attempt to do the right thing by visiting the troops of course turned to shit, because as Palmer Report has often stated, all that Trump touches turns to shit, as he is not capable of acting appropriately.