Everyone piles on Ted Cruz after his idiotic Jason Bourne meltdown

Last month ago Palmer Report wrote that Ted Cruz had peaked in terms of his ability to lead the far right, and now he was on the downslope of his influence, and he knew it. Sure enough, Cruz is continuing to show us all just how frazzled he’s become.

The CIA ran a recruitment ad today that was intended to be culturally inclusive. This prompted conservatives to begin lashing out at the CIA for daring to… not be racist? In any case, Ted Cruz decided that it would be a good idea to attack the CIA himself, tweeting that the recruitment ad wouldn’t scare anyone, and that “We’ve come a long way from Jason Bourne.”

Here’s the thing. If you’ve heard of Jason Bourne, then you know he’s a fictional character portrayed by Matt Damon in the movies. Yet Ted Cruz’s tweet suggests that perhaps he thinks Jason Bourne was a real person, and that the Matt Damon films were documentaries. In any case, Ted Cruz has once again found a way to humiliate himself.

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