Devin Nunes, international man of idiocy

After weeks of hype from the idiots who crafted it, and days of hints that it was a total dud, we finally got to see the infamous Devin Nunes memo today. It did nothing to help Donald Trump’s cause. It served to undermine the narratives that he’d been pushing. It probably got Trump hit with another count of obstruction of justice, and it certainly got Nunes sent to prison. It also became an instant punchline of derision.

Within hours of the memo’s release, so many people were making “Yo memo” jokes in the style of the old “Yo mama” jokes, #YoMemoJokes had become the top trending topic on Twitter. So many people have been piling on in such rapid fashion, we can’t even determine who came up with the idea first. Suffice it to say that everyone quickly piled on.

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano quipped “Yo’ memo is so unqualified, Trump made it a cabinet member.” Stand up comedian George Wallace joked that “Yo’ memo’s so fat Donald Trump’s doctor says it’s in perfect health.” Machine Pun Kelly tweeted that “Yo memo is so dumb and pointless, Fox News offered it a job.” John McCarthy quipped “Yo Memo so empty, Clint Eastwood will be speaking to it at the 2020 GOP convention.” Joseph Santi joked that “Yo’ memo is so worthless it’s now a degree at Trump University.”

The point, of course, is that the Devin Nunes memo itself is a punchline. Donald Trump was hoping that the memo might somehow help convince mainstream Americans that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is a civil rights-abusing monster who must be fired. But not one mind was changed today in that regard. Instead, it’s become painfully clear that Trump is falsely targeting Rosenstein simply because he’s in charge of the Trump-Russia investigation.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report