Everyone piles on after Donald Trump posts one of his dumbest tweets yet

On Friday evening, Donald Trump reportedly ordered a military strike against Iran, only to change his mind and call it off after the planes were already in the air. Yesterday, Trump confirmed that this indeed happened, while trying to paint himself as a hero for having called back the planes. Instead everyone made fun of him for being weak and wishy washy. Now Trump is throwing a fit about that, and everyone is piling on even more.

Donald Trump tried to draw the tiniest of distinctions this evening by posting this infantile tweet: “I never called the strike against Iran “BACK,” as people are incorrectly reporting, I just stopped it from going forward at this time!” Suffice it to say that Trump’s belated attempt at altering his own narrative didn’t exactly go over well.

One respondent on Twitter asked, “and the opposite of forward isn’t BACK?” Another told Trump that he had the “self awareness of a toddler with a heroin problem.” Then there was this response: “Where did they get the idea you called it BACK?! I mean, besides your tweets and tv interview.”

We still think Donald Trump never had any intention of going through with the military strike, and ordered it just so he could call it back, mistakenly believing that this would make people think he was serious about military action. Either way, it’s simply made him look like a reckless, weak idiot. Based on his tweet, he seems to have figured out that no one outside his zombie base is viewing his handling of Iran in positive fashion.

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