In any criminal conspiracy in politics, there’s the question of how many people actively participated in the scandal. There’s also the question of how many people actively tried to cover it up afterward. Then there’s the question of just how many people knew what was going on, but were pressured to keep quiet about it.

We’re seeing an increasingly long list of names of people who actively participated in Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal: Trump himself. Rudy Giuliani. Gordon Sondland. Mick Mulvaney. Rick Perry. Mike Pence. Now we’re also getting a sense of who all knew what was going on, and what efforts were made to keep them from speaking up about it – and it turns out it’s massive.

It turns out basically everyone in the Trump regime, who had any sort of connection to diplomacy in the region, knew exactly what was going on. They knew Trump had cut off funding to Ukraine, and they knew he was doing it to try to extort Ukraine into smearing Joe Biden. According to the New York Times, many of these diplomats voiced their concerns internally, and they actively pushed the Trump regime to reinstate the funding.

At one point the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State actually sent out an email saying “Keep moving, people, nothing to see here” in an attempt at containing the scandal. That’s not how innocent people go about their business. Notably, it’s pretty clear that diplomats in the Trump regime are the source for the NY Times article, which means they’re now going public in an effort at exposing just how ugly this all was.

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