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Politically speaking, Trump is a carcass. He’s 100% washed up. Why are some on the left so desperate to breathe new life into him by pretending he’s some evil mastermind who’s biding his time? It’s dangerous to throw him a lifeline like that. Some anti-Trump people seem to want Trump back in the game, because they miss hating on him.

Trump is a political idiot who got lucky in 2016, then spent every minute of his presidency being in way over his head. He lost everything as a result, and now he’s broken and defeated. Trying to keep his ghost alive, just so you can rage against him, is harmful and disturbing.

Trump was afraid to speak at his impeachment trial, for fear it would be used against him in his criminal trials. He let his lawyers run a criminal defense for impeachment, even though he hated it. He knows the rest of his life is about criminal trials and prison. If Trump understands that, why do some of his detractors not get it?

And no, it’s not being “vigilant” when you make up unrealistic scenarios about how Trump is going to come back and destroy us all. Just as people weren’t being “vigilant” when they spent November and December making up unrealistic scenarios about how Trump was going to magically overthrow the election, and so on. The real danger of obsessing over imaginary doomsday scenarios is that is can keep you from seeing the actual problems and threats you’re facing. We can keep one eye on Trump’s ghost, but let’s mainly focus on what we’re really dealing with these days: the Biden agenda, and the insurrectionist Republicans who are trying to stand in the way of progress.

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