Turns out Donald Trump is even lazier than we thought

Donald Trump frequently claims that he is constantly busy. If his incessant tweeting wasn’t already enough to disprove this claim, a new report from Politico certainly does. According to a handful of schedules obtained by the news agency documenting Trump’s daily activities, most days in the White House involved very little actual “work,” and even when there is something listed, i.e. the daily intelligence briefing, there is no evidence that Trump gets information from any place other than Fox News.

During a period of extended “Executive Time” last year, Republican Senator Bob Corker responded to one of Trump’s twitter attacks by calling the White House an “adult day care center” and stating “somebody obviously missed their shift.” While it is certainly a large deviation from previous presidents, perhaps it’s for the better that Trump is doing nothing more than watching cable news and send angry tweets.

When compared to others who have sat behind the Resolute Desk, Trump’s daily schedule is quite different. President Barack Obama’s former deputy chief of staff, Mona Sutphen, stated that “it was significantly, fundamentally a different pace of intensity of workload.” While Obama’s schedule consisted of six to seven hours of meetings per day on average, Trump had a total of just two hours of policy briefings over the entire course of last week.

When asked about what the presidents have typically done with their free time, Mack McLarty, President Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff, said “The president’s time is, in many ways, his most valuable commodity because it’s finite. It reflects his priorities. It reflects what he’s trying to get done with the country.” If this is true of all presidents, it is clear that Donald Trump’s priorities revolve around sending hateful and dangerous tweets while doing nothing of value to actually advance the country.