Even Fox News is admitting it


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Brit Hume of Trump TV (Fox News) has speculated that many Republicans are secretly hoping the January 6 hearings take Trump down. This would be because if that were to happen, then presumably all the insurrectionist’s cowards could then quickly step forward and declare themselves the GOP savior.

Normally I’d not put much stock in what anybody from Fox said. But this theory is worth looking at. And I happen to believe it could be legitimate.

This would be a very “Republican” type of thought. Basically, the two-faced GOP can keep lying to the American people, pretending they love Mr. Trump while ever-so-secretly hoping for his political demise.

Then when it happens, Republicans can put their own personal ambitions into high gear — without having done any work at all to get there. This may just be the GOP’s most feverish wish. But in reality, things usually do not work out as one might plan.

The GOP is basically trying to cut corners. They want their ambitions to be realized without doing the hard work of making those ambitions come true. And it is the same with Trump. Ah yes, they can’t stand up to him because at heart they are cowards. So they want someone else to do it for them.

Cowardice is not a particularly attractive quality to have and the GOP has it in spades. This may be their HOPE, but in reality things might work not work out that way. Trump is going down — some would argue he already has. I would argue that.

But the GOP cannot and will not come out of this unscathed. Cutting corners — trying to cheat fate by getting ahead the easy way — often backfires badly. For when the cheaters are revealed history has a way of not judging them kindly. And that is precisely what could happen with the scared old party.


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