Donald Trump takes jab at Mike Pence with bizarre new tweet

When Donald Trump fired John Bolton yesterday, it was at least partly because Bolton and Mike Pence had leaked to the media that they opposed Trump’s Camp David Taliban plan. Trump can’t fire Pence, so he fired Bolton instead. Throw in the escalating rhetoric and leaks coming from both sides, and it couldn’t be more clear that Trump and Pence are at war with each other. On Tuesday night, Trump just took things even further.

Just before midnight, Donald Trump tweeted an image of a poster that reads “Trump โ€“ Keep America Great! โ€“ 2024.” That’s right, the idiot is talking about somehow magically running for a third term in 2024, even though he’s currently on track to get blown out in the 2020 election. With Trump in the midst of full blown cognitive collapse and worsening mental incompetence, it’s difficult to tell the extent to which he’s being sarcastic about 2024, and the extent to which he might delusionally believe he’s somehow going to remain in office forever. But the real story here is what’s not on the poster.

That’s right, Mike Pence’s name is nowhere on this poster, because Pence apparently doesn’t exist in Donald Trump’s delusional 2024 fantasy. It doesn’t say “Trump-Pence,” it just says “Trump.” if you think we might be reading too much into this, consider that just a few days ago, the mainstream media reported that Trump and Pence are specifically feuding over whether Pence will run for president in 2024.

This all adds up to Donald Trump, as he retreats further into hallucinatory delusion to cope with the fact that his world is falling apart, truly thinking he’s going to somehow magically get elected in 2024 โ€“ and he’s outraged at Mike Pence for getting in the way of that fantasy. But hey, the more Trump takes his eye off the ball by focusing on this psychotic 2024 fantasy, the greater the odds of him losing in 2020.

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