Eric Trump is about to blow it big

With Donald Trump now hospitalized for coronavirus and taking experimental drugs amid reports he’s struggling to breathe, people around Trump testing positive left and right, and a brewing scandal about when Trump actually tested positive, could things get even uglier for the Trump family? Well, enter Eric Trump.

The courts definitively ruled that Eric Trump had to testify by October 7th to the New York Attorney General in the state’s investigation into the Trump Organization’s financial fraud. With no realistic appeals left, and no apparent interest in being jailed for contempt of court, Eric is apparently planning to go ahead and testify on Monday, according to NBC News.

There’s a reason the New York AG is starting with Eric Trump: he’s at the bottom of the Trump Organization hierarchy, and these kinds of investigations always go from the bottom up. Eric will try to get through his testimony without saying anything incriminating about his father or his siblings. The AG’s goal will be to get Eric to screw up and reveal something incriminating โ€“ or failing that, to catch Eric committing perjury and then using it to pressure him into giving up the goods to save himself.

While the New York Attorney General’s investigation is a civil case, it’s clearly intended to help unearth evidence for use in the Manhattan District Attorney’s ongoing grand jury indictment process against Donald Trump. In other words, if Eric Trump says something stupid during his testimony on Monday โ€“ which he surely will, because he’s Eric Trump โ€“ he’ll be helping to send his father to prison.

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