Eric Trump has invoked the Fifth Amendment in case brought by New York Attorney General

When New York Attorney General Tish James announced today that she has a long-running investigation going into Donald Trump’s financial crimes, she also announced that she’s going to court to compel Eric Trump to testify about what’s been going on behind the scenes at the Trump Organization. This means, by definition, that Eric has been refusing to testify.

It turns out there’s more to it. Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann tweeted this: “NY Attorney General alleges Eric Trump refused to testify in fraud investigation based on his “rights afforded to every individual under the constitution,” meaning the Fifth Amendment.”


That’s right, by legal definition, Eric Trump has invoked the Fifth Amendment. To be clear, this is not an indicator of guilt in the eyes of the law. But it is an indicator of guilt in the court of public opinion. You can make the argument that Eric Trump, by virtue of running a company that’s controlled by the President of the United States, has a higher obligation to testify – and if he’s unwilling to do so, then his father shouldn’t be seeking reelection.

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