Eric Trump gives away just how bad Donald Trump’s cognitive decline has gotten

During their interview this morning, Chris Wallace pointed out to Donald Trump that even the Fox News poll shows that Americans think Joe Biden is more mentally sound than Trump is. Trump tried to push back by insisting he aced a cognitive test, but Wallace explained that the test involved things like correctly identifying a picture of an elephant, and was clearly just a test to see whether someone was completely senile.

Not long after the interview aired, Eric Trump tweeted this:


It’s not difficult to parse what’s happening here. The polls show that there’s a growing perception among the American public that Donald Trump’s cognitive abilities are collapsing. This morning’s interview will only serve to cement that, as Trump was literally reduced to arguing that he’s not senile because he can correctly identify an elephant. Now Eric Trump is trying to compensate for it by projecting his father’s failing mind onto that of his opponent Joe Biden. Eric just gave away how truly far gone Donald is.

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