Eric Trump caught in whole new scandal

With Donald Trump Jr.’s physical and psychological condition continuing to worsen during each of his new public appearances, it appears his kid brother Eric Trump is now the one left trying to help Donald Trump run what’s left of the family business. The trouble for Eric is that he’s in completely over his head.

Eric Trump keeps striking out in interviews, even from softball hosts. Now he’s got a whole new scandal on his hands. As first reported by Block Club Chicago, and then amplified by the Washington Post, the Trump Organization allegedly had dozens of its employees vaccinated before they were eligible. Among them: Eric Trump. Oops.


This means that Eric Trump and his family can’t claim ignorance of the vaccine stunt, because Eric was clearly in on it. It’s shocking that a guy whose family has done everything from inciting domestic terrorism to defrauding dogs would jump the vaccine line too. While there may not be any criminal charges coming out of this vaccine debacle, Eric is surely holding his breath and waiting to see whether he ends up being among the Trump family members who are on track to be criminally indicted for financial crimes in New York.

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