Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell makes unusual move against Devin Nunes

While it is not unusual for sitting members of Congress to pen articles for local or national news sites, writing an op-ed to call out a fellow House of Representatives member for protecting a traitor to America is extremely rare. It is even more rare when the person being protected is the President of the United States. Only under extreme conditions, where the Representative felt it necessary to alert the public, would something like this occur. It just did.

Rep. Eric Swalwell the Democratic House member for California’s 15th congressional district, published a story on Friday in the Fresno Bee titled “Nunes buried evidence on Russian meddling to protect Trump. I know because I’m on the committee.” This is Nunes’ hometown paper. The article lists the numerous times that Devin Nunes, House Intelligence Committee Chairman, prevented Swalwell and other Democrats from releasing information obtained during their investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal to the public.

Swalwell notes the numerous efforts by Nunes to prevent the truth being made public throughout the sham House Intel Committee investigation into Trump’s treason. Despite previous promises, Nunes refused to allow Special Counsel Robert Mueller to access information that could be used in his investigation. Just last week, Nunes again prevented the release of important, and potentially damning, testimony transcripts from the House Committee witnesses.

Despite pleas from Democrats on the committee, Nunes did not allow transcripts to be submitted to Mueller’s team, all in an effort to protect witnesses who presumably committed perjury. In an effort to appease Republicans on the committee, while providing transparency to voters, Swalwell requested the release of transcripts after a ten day intelligence community review, but that was again halted by Nunes.

It is evident that, until Democrats retake the House and thus retake control of the House committees, Republicans will continue to block any effort to allow the public to know the truth. “Though incomplete due to Republican obstruction, our investigation did reveal worrisome contacts between the Russians and candidate Trump, his family, his businesses, and his campaign,” Eric Swalwell writes. “Yet every time we sought to learn more, we were blocked.” While Swalwell’s frustration is easily understood, it’s important to remember how many criminals are being protected by Republicans in Congress.