Eric Swalwell rips Ted Cruz a new one

Laughter is one of the most glorious emotions one can feel. When a wave of laughter hits us, it can be like a wave of euphoria, sweeping over us, freeing us from inhibitions, drenching us in glee. What causes people to laugh? It can be great comedians, caustic talk show hosts, a funny comment by a friend, the hair of Matt Gaetz, a hilarious tweet. The possibilities are never-ending. And one person who always brings the chuckles is California Rep. Eric Swalwell.

Swalwell, whom I suspect could have been a great comedian if he hadn’t chosen politics, gifted us with a tweet the other day which caused — myself at least — many a giggle. It all started with Ted Cruz. Now, just those two words are enough to bring on a laughing fit for many, but his tweet was something else again. Cruz tweeted this beauty: “Cancun is much nicer than Cabo.”

What is it with this dude? Does he want to be laughed at? Does he not know that a guy like him cannot post something like that without serious laughter repercussions? Faster than one could say “idiot,” our friend Swalwell was on it. Here is his response: “And defending your wife is nicer than defending her aggressor. Goodnight, Ted.”


Twitter almost exploded. So, thank you, Rep. Swalwell, not just for working tirelessly for the American people but for always remembering to give us the gift of laughter. You may have outdone yourself this time.

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