Donald Trump’s entire life is on fire tonight

The Republican National Convention has begun, and it promises to be a study in narcissism as “president” Donald Trump tries to convince the American people that he deserves to be reelected. When you consider all Trump has done — and has not done — to make life better for the average American, convincing non-supporters to change their minds about Trump will be an uphill battle, cliché aside. Even as the pandemic has raged on, Trump’s focus alternates between attacking people and telling us that he is the greatest president to ever take office. Interestingly, people who know Trump intimately and those who have worked with him beg to differ. Perhaps that is why he had to line up his family as key speakers.

CNN took this moment to discuss those who believe Trump unfit for office, starting with his family. His own sister referred to him as “a liar and a fake,” and his niece wrote a scathing book about the psychological issues that shaped him into the monster we know and despise. While families sometimes do not get along, forcing one to take what they have to say with the proverbial grain of salt, many with whom Trump worked have even more unflattering things to say, including Trump’s Fox News “friend” who called him “crazy.”

Miles Taylor, formerly of the Department of Homeland Security, has called Trump a danger to the country. Taylor explicitly stated that he is supporting Joe Biden in November. He also said that some of Trump’s actions are “deeply disturbing.” National security officials see Trump as a threat to security, and a former Pentagon chief called Trump “the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people.” Even before Trump’s family takes the stage this week, these statements have rebutted anything positive they may have to say. Besides, their viewpoints are obviously biased. Trump’s campaign is going to have a difficult time showing Trump “as tirelessly working for the American people,” which is the goal of the convention. Even his own sister has confirmed Trump is a serial liar: “The change of stories. The lack of preparation. The lying,” as recorded by Trump’s niece for her book.

How does Trump respond to all this negativity? He called Taylor “a lowlife,” and in response to his sister’s critiques, “Every day it’s something else. Who cares?” We care, Trump. The people you are supposed to represent regardless of political affiliation, the people you are supposed to protect in times of turmoil, and the people you are supposed to comfort—we all care. We do not want to hear “it is what it is” when over 175,000 people have died from a virus you chose to ignore for your own selfish reasons. Why in the world do we want to reelect someone so callous, so unfeeling, and so incompetent when the bulk of your own family—people who know you best—despises you?

The Republican party had better wake up if they want to remain a party following this election. They can continue to support and embrace Trump and kiss their political careers goodbye or, for once, stand with the people who elected them.

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