GOP operative now thinks there are enough Republican Senate votes to convict and remove Donald Trump

It was a real sign of trouble for Donald Trump when Republican Senators unanimously voted yesterday in favor of a Democratic resolution calling for Trump to release the full whistleblower report. As today’s impeachment saga has gone on, GOP Senators โ€“ with a few notable exceptions โ€“ have shown they’re more interested in covering their own backsides than they are in taking the risk of protecting Trump.

Republican operative Mike Murphy, who has worked for the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney and clearly has connections in the Republican Senate, appeared on MSNBC today and said that according to his sources, if a secret ballot were to be held, as many as thirty Republican Senators would vote in favor of Trump’s removal if articles were sent over from the House.

What’s notable here is that even if this number got whittled down by half once these Senators had to cast their votes in public, there would still be enough total votes in the Senate to remove Donald Trump. That’s nothing short of stunning โ€“ and yet not necessarily surprising. Palmer Report has pointed out from the start that if it ever became clear that Trump was going down, and the Republican Senate felt that it had to oust Trump in order to protect its own reelection chances, it would selfishly do so without hesitation.

What’s fascinating here is that if and when this does reach the point of a Senate vote over convicting and removing Donald Trump, the Republican Senators who are up for reelection can’t win no matter how they vote. If they vote to keep an obviously guilty Trump in office, they’ll lose the 2020 votes of some people in the middle who are disgusted by it. But if they vote to oust Trump, they’ll lose the votes of Trump’s base. One way or the other, Trump could end up taking the GOP Senate down with him.

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