Donald Trump screws up and accidentally endorses Joe Biden for President

Donald Trump has been having a rough go of it these past few days, to say the least. New polling numbers reveal he’s on track to get blown out in 2020. He screwed up yesterday and confessed that he’s willing to accept foreign election help again. But last night things seemed to come to a particular nadir for him, particularly when it came to malfunctions on Twitter.

At around 11pm last night, Donald Trump posted the gibberish tweet “”is = if (Spell)! Not like Chris” for no apparent reason. But as it turns out, he wasn’t done screwing up for the night. Sometime closer to midnight Trump posted this tweet about Joe Biden, which was a quote from Fox News buffoon Laura Ingraham. See if you can spot the part where Trump got the quote wrong:

“Biden would be America’s Dream Candidate, because there would be no more Tariffs, no more demands that China stop stealing our IP, things would go back to the old days with America’s manufacturers & workers getting shafted. He has Zero Credibility!”

That’s right, Donald Trump just announced that Joe Biden is “America’s Dream Candidate” – which sure sounds like a presidential endorsement to us. Later he deleted it and replaced with a corrected version of the quote, where Ingraham actually said that Biden would be “China’s Dream Candidate.” But oops, too late. Trump accidentally endorsed Biden over himself. This guy is a complete mess and he’s falling apart by the hour.

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