Donald Trump’s endgame has reached the truly grotesque stage

Like some kind of moralist horror film which helps separate the flawed people from the irredeemably flawed people, Donald Trump’s downward spiral has reached the point of grotesqueness where only those who are as grotesque as he is are willing to stick around and ride it all the way to the bottom.

Donald Trump has become such a fragile loser, he’s one instance of seeing his political adversary’s name on a ship from completely cracking. So someone in his White House told the Navy to get the USS John McCain out of Trump’s sight. Trump has become so gleefully disgusting, he said that royal family member Meghan Markle was “nasty” – so one of the unnamed goons running his secondary Twitter account dutifully tried to pretend he didn’t really say it.

Just how disgusting of a human being do you have to be to want to stick around and help this failing monster carry out his increasingly petty and pointless antics? We’re seeing some lines drawn. Someone in the U.S. Navy is trying to expose which of Trump’s White House goons were behind the McCain debacle. And Trump’s White House lawyer Emmet Flood is resigning at such a strategically inopportune time, you have to figure that either he’s bailing because he no longer wants to save the increasingly vile Trump, or Trump fired him for refusing to follow some increasingly vile order.

You’d have to be an extraordinarily flawed or misguided human being to want to be a part of the Donald Trump regime to begin with. But with Trump now having fully devolved into the kind of monster who knows he can’t win, and merely wants to do as much deranged damage as possible on his way down, we’re about to see who wants to go all the way to hell with him, and who wants to get out with a fraction of a soul intact while they still can.

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