Donald Trump really is at the end of his rope

President-elect Joe Biden has won — again. Republicans, however, continue to ignore the truth. In Georgia, while Stacey Abrams presided over the official electoral vote, a group of Republicans were meeting one floor down and gave their imaginary 16 electoral votes to Donald Trump, claiming that the “contest of the election is ongoing.”

Trump has been shut down in Georgia several times now with his frivolous lawsuits. His most recent suit is against Fulton County. Good luck to him with the judges on that bench. Fulton County is likely the most liberal county in Georgia. This suit was filed by David Shafer, chairman of Georgia’s Republican Party and the man who gathered fake electors to give their votes to Trump. This suit was filed in criminal court and alleges that felons, underage voters, people registered in other states, and a slew of others caused the vote to go to Biden. Where do they get this stuff? We should charge them in criminal court for being fraudulent electors since the real electorate voted upstairs and awarded their 16 votes to President-elect Joe Biden.

The sad thing is that Trump still thinks he has an opportunity to overturn the vote, or he wants us to believe that he thinks he does. He has tossed Bill Barr from the building and is appointing someone in his place. Dude, you need to go and help Melania pack, as you are in no position to be appointing anyone. He has sat idly by while Coronavirus has killed over 300,000 people, and all he can worry about is himself. This is nothing new for Trump. He has always been for himself, and why 74 million people failed to see that and voted to keep him in office is unbelievable. Worse, at least for their party, Republicans have destroyed any credibility they could have hoped to have.

Showing his sheer stupidity in filing his lawsuit, Shafer compared 2020 numbers to 2016 numbers, something upon which Trump has relied to claim he won Georgia. It is four years later. Is it not plausible that the demographics have changed in Georgia during that time such that a Democratic president would win Georgia for the first time in 28 years? It has been coming for some time, as indicated by Brian Kemp’s mere 1% win over Stacey Abrams. Georgia has kept us down for years with Republican gerrymandering, but it is getting to the point that it no longer matters. Gwinnett County, for example, was a Republican stronghold. With the introduction of Hispanics/Latinos and Blacks, the county is different. Further, Gwinnett is now the second largest county next to Fulton County, totally quashing Shafer’s “illegal votes” claim when comparing those votes to 2016.

Republicans are grasping at the thinnest straws in history to keep “president” Trump in office when all he has done is ruin their party. In fact, Trump has ruined many things about our great country, including his goon supporters who vandalized two historic Black churches in D.C. This behavior must stop, and President Biden, not “president” Trump, will be the one who returns things back to normal.

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