Turn out the lights, it’s over for Donald Trump

Right now Donald Trump probably thinks he’s winning. He just got William Barr confirmed as his new Attorney General, and just like magic, it’s being widely reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is suddenly “winding down” his investigation. We think TV pundits should fall through a trap door every time they use that idiotic phrase, because Mueller isn’t winding anything down; if he’s done it’s because he’s ready to drop the biggest hammer in history.

Donald Trump keeps betting on the wrong people. Just yesterday we learned that his entire reason for appointing Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was to have Whitaker put Geoffrey Berman in charge of the SDNY investigation, something that even an idiot like Whitaker knew wasn’t possible, because Berman had already recused himself from it.

Now Trump is betting on William Barr saving him, even though Barr seems way too smart to risk committing felony obstruction on Trump’s behalf, and Barr is an old friend of Mueller. That’s right, Trump is facing ouster and prison, and he only gets to take one more swing at saving himself, and he just placed his bet on Robert Mueller’s friend saving him from Robert Mueller. Trump really is that obtuse, it seems.

If Mueller is indeed finishing up next week, it’s because he’s been waiting for his friend William Barr to take office, because he knows that Barr will do the right thing and allow Mueller’s report to make it to the right hands. That’s when everything instantly goes off a cliff for Trump. He won’t be instantly ousted as the process plays out, but he’ll quickly start wishing someone would finish him off. If Mueller is finished, then Trump’s end of days is truly upon us.