Feds raided office of Donald Trump’s pal Elliott Broidy, and it’s going to get very ugly

We’re all learning today that the Feds raided the office of Donald Trump’s associate Elliott Broidy last summer. This remained a secret until just now, thanks to documents that have been obtained by ProPublica. This is a very big deal, not only for Trump, but for the Republican National Committee – and things are going to get ugly.

What immediately stands out here is that, as opposed to the highly publicized raid of Michael Cohen’s office last year, the Feds have kept the raid of Elliott Broidy’s office a secret all this time. This strongly suggests that the evidence obtained in the raid is being used in ongoing investigations into bigger fish. One could also make the argument that Broidy’s willingness to keep the raid a secret is a sign that he’s cooperating, but this is not a definitive argument; it could be that Broidy has been keeping quiet because he’s embarrassed, or values his privacy. But the real story here is going to be what the raid has turned up about others.

The reporting from ProPublica reveals that the Feds targeted Broidy over allegations of money laundering and lobbying the Trump regime on behalf of Middle Eastern nations. This more or less cements that the Feds’ goal here is to use Broidy’s crimes to get to Trump and his administration. Based on the timeline, the Feds have now had roughly nine months to work with whatever evidence they seized from this raid. That means they have a big head start here.

This brings us to the still unresolved questions about Elliott Broidy’s personal scandals. He allegedly paid his mistress $1.6 million to have an abortion and keep quiet about it all. It’s widely suspected that it was actually Donald Trump who impregnated the woman, and that Broidy was merely acting as a middleman for the payoff and ended up taking the fall for it, but no specific evidence has surfaced in this regard. The raid has likely either confirmed or disproven this notion, and it’ll eventually come out one way or the other. We just don’t know when, because there is no indication from the Feds about the progress that’s been made since the raid.

Finally, there is the matter of Elliott Broidy’s position as a Deputy Finance Chairman for the Republican National Committee, a role he only lost after his recent scandals started surfacing. The financial records and emails seized in the Broidy raid surely connect back to the RNC, as well as to the Trump campaign and the Trump White House. Bottom line: we don’t know specifically what the Feds got their hands on in this raid, but a whole lot of people in Trump land and GOP land should be sweating right now.

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