Elizabeth Warren comes out swinging in favor of Joe Biden

Even though Donald Trump’s failed attempt at manufacturing a phony Joe Biden scandal has backfired and turned into a very real and potentially devastating criminal scandal for Trump himself, it has handed an opportunity to Biden’s Democratic primary opponents. The funny part is, that’s now backfiring on Trump as well.

Any of these Democratic candidates would have to be very dishonest and very stupid to try to use the fake Biden scandal to their advantage in the primary race. Of course that description doesn’t fit any of the Democratic candidates, so none of them have tried to use it against Biden. In fact it’s having something of the opposite effect.

Based on polling position and polling momentum, Elizabeth Warren (currently) has to be considered the top challenger to Joe Biden in the 2020 Democratic primary race. Not only is she refusing to use the fake Ukraine scandal against Biden, she’s very loudly calling for Donald Trump to be taken down for having criminally conspired to manufacture the phony Biden scandal. Warren could just stay silent about the matter and see if the whole thing just happens to hurt Biden and help her. Instead, she’s trying to help shut the fake Biden scandal down.

If this is how the 2020 Democratic primary race is going to play out, then the Democrats are going to be in good shape. Democratic voters aren’t going to support a candidate who tries to use Trump’s fake Biden scandal against Biden. And since Biden’s primary opponents are helping to dismantle this nonsense while also exposing it as a Trump scandal, it’ll help make clear to general election voters that Trump isn’t an option – no matter who the Democratic nominee ends up being.

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