Elijah Cummings drops the hammer on Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

Even as various House committees simultaneously investigate various Donald Trump scandals, the House Oversight Committee has taken up the lead on the security clearance scandal involving Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. This has left Chairman Elijah Cummings in charge of the matter. Naturally, the Trump regime is trying to stonewall him. So he’s found a way to work around that.

One of the goals in the security clearance investigation is to find out precisely why former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and former White House Counsel Don McGahn felt that Ivanka and Jared were security risks against the United States. The two key pieces of evidence: the memos that Kelly and McGahn each wrote, documenting their concerns. Elijah Cummings knows the White House will fight tooth and nail to avoid having to turn over those memos, because Trump wants to protect his family.

Palmer Report pointed out earlier this month that if Kelly and McGahn felt strongly enough that they needed to write and file these memos in order to insulate themselves from what Donald Trump was doing, then they certainly would have kept copies of their own. We also pointed out that because Kelly and McGahn have both reportedly been cooperating with Robert Mueller, they’re likely to cooperate with Congress as well.

Sure enough, Elijah Cummings has taken the unorthodox step of having his staff reach out directly to John Kelly, as opposed to going through the White House. This is according to CNN, which doesn’t spell out whether Kelly turned over the memo to Cummings. But considering the apoplectic response from the Trump regime when it learned that Cummings had contacted Kelly, we’re guessing Cummings now has the memo. We told you that Cummings knows what he’s doing.