Turns out Donald Trump’s rationale for reopening the country by Easter is even nuttier than we thought

Earlier today, Donald Trump began floating the idea of reopening the United States economy for business by Easter, despite the obvious deadly consequences that would come with doing this. So how did Trump manage to come up with his April 12th timeframe?



That’s right, Donald Trump really did simply decide that it would be nice to end all the lockdowns by Easter, because he wants to see people fill up churches. There’s no scientific basis for picking Easter. It doesn’t even fit his own supposed fifteen day timeframe.

As Palmer Report explained this morning, Donald Trump can’t magically reopen the country, because he’s not the one who shut anything down to begin with. He simply doesn’t have the ability to override state and local lockdowns or quarantines. Nor can he force places of business to reopen, if they shut down of their own accord. But he sure is planning to blame the Democrats when it turns out no one can go out by Easter.

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