E. Jean Carroll lands major victory over Donald Trump, as Bill Barr blows it yet again

When Attorney General Bill Barr decided that the Department of Justice itself would defend Donald Trump in the civil case that E. Jean Carroll brought against him, it was an abomination on multiple levels. For one thing, the DOJ is not the President’s personal law firm. Also, Trump is credibly accused of having raped E. Jean Carroll, making the whole thing disgusting.

The courts ruled today that the DOJ can’t do this, and that E. Jean Carroll can in fact carry out her civil case against Donald Trump directly. This is a major victory for Carroll (and for America), who tweeted this in response: “Overjoyed! The DOJ and @realDonaldTrump TOGETHER, can’t stop a woman who wants the world to know the truth! … This win is for every woman in the country!”

Meanwhile, this represents the latest in a growing string of failures on the part of Bill Barr. He’s tried and failed to meddle on Donald Trump’s behalf in the Flynn, Stone, Cohen, Lev, Igor, and Bannon cases, among others – but Barr has struck out every time. Barr is as corrupt as they get, but he’s a remarkably ineffective henchman.

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