Donald Trump screws up and admits he gives up his entire salary to “drugs”

Donald Trump keeps demonstrating that he’s too far gone to even speak coherently. Yesterday he gave an alarming speech in which he kept making up words like “tolerided” and “accomplement shades.” For some reason Trump decided it would be a good idea to speak to the media again, and this time he somehow managed to say something even dumber.

Donald Trump now wants you to know that he usually gives up his entire salary to “drugs.” No really, he said this today. We don’t know or care what he might have been trying to say, because what he actually said is that he blows his entire salary on drugs. He also kept sniffing while announcing this: “For instance I gave up my salary. It’s $450,000. Approximately $450,000 presidential salary. I give it up [sniff]. It goes to, usually I give it to drugs.” No really, he said this. Here’s the video:

We’re really not sure what to say at this point. Donald Trump is so far gone, he sounds like the most over-the-top parody of himself that anyone could ever come up with. The guy can’t even speak anymore. Or he may have just finally screwed up and accidentally spoken the truth for once.

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