Did Donald Trump just confess he’s abusing drugs to cover his cognitive decline?

If there’s one consistent pattern when it comes to Donald Trump, it’s that whenever he baselessly accuses one of his adversaries of doing something oddly specific, it always turns out that Trump himself is the one who’s doing that particular thing. For instance, Trump has spent all year falsely accusing Joe Biden of having cognitive issues, and then it turned out Trump was the one who allegedly had a mini-stroke in November.

Now, in a new Fox News interview, Trump is falsely accusing Joe Biden of taking performance enhancing drugs to hide his supposed cognitive decline: “I think there’s probably, possibly drugs involved. That’s what I hear.” Of course he’s not specifying where he’s hearing this, because he isn’t hearing it anywhere. He’s making it up. And based on his consistent habit of projection, it’s fair to interpret this as Trump confessing that he’s been taking performance enhancing drugs to try to hide his obvious cognitive decline.

So now we have the sitting President of the United States basically admitting that he’s abusing some kind of Adderall-type drug, just days after he directly admitted that he lied to the American people about the coronavirus threat, and just a week after Trump basically admitted he had a series of mini-strokes. Trump just keeps confessing to things – yet another sign that his mind is failing.

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