FBI to Donald Trump: drop dead

Donald Trump has spent the past year running roughshod over the FBI in an attempt at preventing the bureau from properly exposing his treasonous crimes. Trump has fired FBI officials, publicly and privately harassed them, threatened to take their pensions away, and tried to break the bureau’s spirit. He’s even installed what he thought would be his own puppet as the new FBI Director. But Trump’s efforts have only served to backfire on him. His new FBI Director hates him. Now the message to Trump is clear: drop dead.

Trump is trying to further scapegoat the FBI with a memo from Fake Congressman Devin Nunes, which falsely accuses the FBI of abuses in its Russia investigation, in an attempt at getting Trump off the hook. The memo is so embarrassing that even Trump’s own legal advisors have told him not to release it, but he’s threatening to release it anyway.

Now Trump’s own hand-picked FBI Ditector Christopher Wray is threatening to make a public statement refuting the memo if Trump releases it. This would be a stunning rebuke of a sitting president.

So what will Donald Trump do? He can’t really fire Wray, after he hand-picked him to replace James Comey, whom he illegally fired. At this point Wray has a free pass to do whatever he wants to Trump. The FBI clearly is not taking any of this lying down.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report