Donald Trump rolls out his “dream team” of garbage

This week the Trump regime leaked to the Los Angeles Times that Donald Trump was “scrambling” to pull together an impeachment defense team at the last minute. This suggested that Trump really was expecting his Senate impeachment trial to somehow magically not happen, and that reality had finally hit him. Sure enough, yesterday he screamed “I JUST GOT IMPEACHED” on Twitter, as if he’d just been jolted awake from a month long slumber.

Sure enough, Donald Trump rolled out his “dream team” of impeachment trial defense attorneys today, and it’s a hit parade of the most awful people he could find. There’s Alan Dershowitz, who represented child rapist Jeffrey Epstein, and who has been accused of underage rape himself. There’s Ken Starr, the punchline who led the charge in Bill Clinton’s sham impeachment, who recently lost his job after trying to cover up a college rape scandal.

Trump has also added former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, a key figure in the Trump University criminal scandal, who is currently a registered foreign agent of Qatar. That’s right, after Trump previously hired illegal foreign agents like Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and Michael Flynn to run his campaign and White House, he’s now hiring an official foreign agent to run his impeachment defense – because of course he is.


There are two ways to look at this. One is that Donald Trump probably couldn’t find anyone better than this collection of disgraced pieces of excrement. After all, who would want to destroy their reputation by defending an illegitimate president who got caught criminally conspiring against the United States? The other is that Trump generally likes hiring corrupt people, because he knows they’re more willing to do corrupt things on his behalf. Either way, this collection of trash heap losers isn’t going to help Trump’s cause any.

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