Mike Pence circles the drain

Vice President Mike “Not Worth Ten” Pence visited McAllen, Texas yesterday. What he witnessed and smelled was nearly four hundred men in a caged area that was too small for cots or beds, according to personnel responsible for the detention facility. Some guards wore masks because the stench was overpowering. For days on end, in the sweltering heat, these men were not allowed to shower. They don’t have toothbrushes.

“After the visit to the first facility, which was newer and cleaner, Pence suggested we were being humane. After the visit to the second place described above, Pence stated, “I was not surprised by what I saw. I knew we’d see a system that was overwhelmed. This is tough stuff.”

Maybe the sanctimonious vice #PileOfTrulyUnbelievableShit learns that treating humans worse than garbage, worse than cattle, is okay from his church and often-touted religion. But he is a phony ass Christian at best, with no compassion other than his admiration of Mother and Trump. Pence also shoehorned the atrocities of his administration by blaming this on the crisis, a circular argument. There is no valid basis for treating anyone like this. He also had the audacity to ask little kids, in English, if they were comfortable in their cage. Pence said about the things he saw:

“That’s the overcrowding President Trump has been talking about. That’s the overwhelming of the system that some in Congress have said was a manufactured crisis. But now I think the American people can see this crisis is real.” No, they see the inhumanity of a regime that has few, if any, United States parallels.

To add insult to injury, on Friday, The New Yorker reported Trump is prepared to send future asylum seekers who come to the United States to Guatemala. As the article and others make clear, the transfer likely is not legal. But also, Guatemala is not a safe place. The New Yorker article notes, “Rampant poverty, entrenched political corruption, urban crime, and the effects of climate change have made large swaths of the country virtually uninhabitable.” Add this to the ICE raids, and we have an administration that has no sense of decency.

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