Dr. Peter Hotez puts Jim Jordan in his place

House Republican Jim Jordan, who based on his actions doesn’t seem to like America much at all, sure does spend a lot of time pontificating about what is and isn’t American. Now Jordan, who has a long record of not caring about the well-being of anyone, is declaring that “Vaccine mandates are un-American.”

Fortunately, vaccine expert Dr. Peter Hotez was there to put Jim Jordan in his place, tweeting “This is simply not true. Vaccines for smallpox, later childhood vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, Hib (vaccines discovered in USA), preserved our nation. I’m aghast at the absence of intellectual curiosity or even passing interest in American history from our US Congress.”

Jim Jordan predictably had nothing to say to any of this, because he’s not interested in reality. Instead he declared that “real America” thinks COVID is over. If Jordan doesn’t think that the rest of us are “real Americans” then he should resign his position in the government immediately.

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