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We should not really be that surprised at the mess left for President Joe Biden, which is undermining efforts to eradicate coronavirus. Despite those challenges, Dr. Anthony Fauci is downright giddy at being freed, but some of the information revealed by Dr. Deborah Birx on Face the Nation shows the true depths to which the former administration went to hide the truth about the virus. Had Trump been honest and sincerely worked with the medical community when the virus first appeared, we would not have lost so many lives. Instead, Dr. Birx shared that the Trump administration “censored” scientific information about the pandemic.

Dr. Birx said that information given by the administration was inaccurate and misleading, but she was not allowed to correct it, including inaccurate graphics. She further believes that advisers both inside and out of the White House gave the administration “incomplete data” or “outright disinformation about the spreading and severity of the coronavirus.” According to Birx, some of that information came from Scott Atlas, the quack brought in by the administration to counter the opinions of real scientists. Like Dr. Birx, we will never fully understand the “who” or “why” other than the drive to reopen an ailing economy, with the caveat that if we could not eradicate this virus, there would be no one left to drive the economy that they so desperately wanted open. The economy never fully reopened, and now, we have over 400,000 deaths. Dr. Fauci expanded on the problems in his interview with the New York Times.

Fauci told the Times that Trump repeatedly asked him to downplay the numbers and impact of coronavirus. When the numbers exploded in the northeast, especially in New York, Fauci attempted to tell Trump how bad the virus was going to be, and his response was: “Well, it’s not that bad, right?” Fauci also relayed how Trump was repeatedly touting drugs for which there was no scientific data to prove their efficacy, like hydroxychloroquine. This type of behavior went on until Fauci and his scientific facts were shoved into the background, and he was replaced with disinformation and others without knowledge of infectious disease. Fauci even began to receive death threats, but he said that those did not bother him as much as the harassment of his wife and children. Fauci shared that he once received a letter, and when he opened it, white powder was expelled into his face. While that package turned out to be harmless, it upset Fauci and his wife, as they wondered what else might happen. Fast forward to today, and Fauci is extremely happy with his new position.

After Fauci appeared in his first post-Biden press conference, the internet blew up with comparisons of his face, then and now. During that conference, Fauci said it was “liberating” being able to “get up here and talk about what you know. Let the science speak.” We have a long way to go yet to be clear of coronavirus, but with President Biden letting Fauci and science lead the way while he fights for speedy vaccinations will certainly help to speed things along.

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