Doug Flutie gets destroyed after his participation in Donald Trump rally is revealed

Public figures like Doug Flutie and Tom Glavine are committing an act of treason by appearing at a rally held by a violent anti-American domestic terrorist like Donald Trump. Their careers and legacies need to be canceled until they understand the hideousness of their depraved actions.

If that sounds harsh, go back and think about what the past four years have been like. Anyone still lending their name and influence in support of Donald Trump is participating in a criminal conspiracy against the United States.


We’re not the only ones who see it this way. Doug Flutie, who appears to be rapidly blocking anyone on Twitter who dares to call him out, is taking heat from all sides. Numerous tweets are being posted along the lines of this one from @MurphysLaw74: “Doug Flutie, a boyhood sports idol for me, is dead to me. The Hail Mary never happened and Bernie Kosar is better.” Flutie’s reputation won’t recover from this, nor should it.

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