Donald Trump’s Doral G7 scandal just got even uglier

Donald Trump wants to host the next G7 summit at one of his properties. What a surprise. This shyster is always trying to think of some way to bring attention to himself and his failing properties, and of course, to line his pockets while he’s at it. If you listen to Trump, he doesn’t make any money off his properties when dignitaries stay at them, but let’s not forget how he jacked up hotel prices for the inauguration or how he increases prices for the secret service on golf carts. Sure, he’s not making money.

A reporter stated on NPR yesterday according to Trump, he has lost “3 to 4 billion dollars” since becoming president. The reporter snickered. One of the more interesting things about Trump is how he exaggerates (lies) and thinks that everyone believes him. According to the Independent, Trump claims that the world leaders “love the location of the hotel” and that “they also like the fact that it’s right next to the airport for convenience.” Please. Trump hasn’t asked these people; it’s strictly his idea.

What’s wrong with Camp David, where the last U.S.-hosted summit was held? According to NPR, Camp David was originally chosen because of its proximity to nothing else, giving the leaders privacy. It is also easier for the Secret Service to keep leaders safe at Camp David as opposed to the sprawl of a city like Miami. They would need twice the number of Secret Service agents to protect such an area. Does Trump care about any of this? Not likely. All Trump thinks about is Trump – and his friend Putin, of course, who he proclaimed he would invite to the next summit even though he was obviously not invited for good reason.

Making Trump’s plan to host the next summit at his Doral resort even more suspicious, the Independent reports that the resort is struggling financially, like most of Trump’s businesses. Jessica Vachiratevanurak, a tax consulant working with the resort, shares that “they are severely underperforming. There is some negative connotation that is associated with the brand.” You think? Before Trump even took office, according to this piece, the resort’s net operating income fell by 69%. He is also in debt to the tune of $310,000,000 on 13 outstanding loans. What a businessman. Trump owns multiple resort properties, yet they are all failing. This is who is running our country. No wonder the country’s debt is rising.

Many voted for Trump because of his perceived success as a businessman. We all now see just how wrong that assumption was. Trump’s failures will make it difficult for the businessmen currently running for office, though Tom Steyer is obviously a successful hedge fund manager. Andrew Yang also seems to have done well for himself. The major difference between these two and Trump is that they are, at least as far as we know, Steyer and Yang are honest businessmen. Trump, however, has likely left a very bad taste in sensible voters’ mouths for another businessman in the White House.

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