You just don’t mess with Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi had just finished announcing that she was bringing articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, thus establishing that she was formally placing a humiliating asterisk next to his presidency in the history books, and perhaps putting him on a path to not getting to finish his term.

But as if destroying a corrupt presidency wasn’t enough, Nancy Pelosi then got to destroy a rogue reporter as well. The idiot decided to hurl a loaded question at her about hating Donald Trump, and she promptly shredded him in a manner which was – well, you’ve all seen the clip by now. The point is that you just don’t mess with her.

No one is better at strategically holding their fire than Nancy Pelosi is. She knew that if she had impeached Donald Trump the minute she became Speaker earlier this year, it would have been seen as overtly partisan by average nonpolitical Americans – the people who ultimately decide whether something like impeachment works. So she waited a bit until she had the kind of clear cut evidence that made clear to average Americans that she had no choice but to impeach him, and thus she had to have been doing it for legitimate reasons. Then she decided to utterly lay waste to Trump, and she’s still laying waste to him.

Nancy Pelosi is poking holes in Donald Trump’s presidency the size of Montana. Even if she can’t oust him, she’ll leave him in such bad shape that the Resistance will simply have to work hard and work smart during the election cycle in order to finish him off at the voting booth. That’s when Trump will suddenly find himself under arrest and on criminal trial in New York. Pelosi once famously said that she wanted to put Trump in prison. She now has him on that path.

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