“Don’t lie to me” – Fox News stooge Judge Jeanine Pirro gets laughed out of the building

How much of a punchline is Fox News weekend host “Judge” Jeanine Pirro? She’s so incoherent during her show that numerous observers on social media have questioned if she’s perhaps hosting while drunk. And it appears that Fox only keeps her around because Donald Trump finds her slurred ranting to be entertaining.

Tonight Donald Trump posted this tweet: “Congratulations to Judge Jeanine on the release of her new book, ‘DON’T LIE TO ME’ which is now available. Get your copy today!”

That’s right, Judge Jeanine – who lies essentially every time she opens her mouth – is releasing a book titled “Don’t Lie To Me.” The screwball irony of the situation led the title of her book to begin trending on Twitter, as everyone piled on about what a punchline she is. We expect sales of her new book to be in the tens.

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