Don’t let them intimidate you with this stunt

Donald Trump’s nazis are now marching everywhere from Wisconsin to Portland to Ventura Boulevard. Many of them are armed. Most of them are unhinged rage monsters. So why are they doing this now? They know Trump’s republican convention was a dud. They know he’s on track to lose the election. They know they’re running out of time.

Trump’s goons are trying to scare and intimidate us into giving up instead of seeing our victory through to the end in November. They’re trying to turn our stomachs. They know they’re repulsive and they’re trying to use it to their advantage, while they still can.

Don’t let them get to you. Donald Trump’s poll numbers are about as ugly as they’ve been for the entirety of this election. The convention didn’t help him. Nothing seems to help him. The majority of Americans have simply had it with this guy. All we have to do is keep working on things like voter registration and turnout, phone banking and volunteering, and Trump will be taken down. Even his goon squad knows it, which is why they’re behaving the way they’re now behaving.

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