(Don’t) leave Virginia alone

Wow. I just can’t believe it. The media is FINALLY starting to give the Virginia Governor’s race some airtime. This race needs as much attention as possible. It is right around the corner, and although we are ahead in the polls, there is a chance the Republican nominee could win. So, we need to continue our work to get Terry elected.

Here’s the thing. These articles work. Palmer Report has a huge following. So let’s suppose 15 percent of our readers make stunning, eye-catching fliers in Virginia, left in prominent spots. That would be HUGE. Let’s suppose that 20 percent of Palmer Report readers decide to phone bank. HUGE.

And let us not forget the postcards readers can send. Nor the reminder messages they can put on their social media. But there is even more one can do. The goal is — reach as MANY people as possible. Are you on Facebook? Any Facebook groups in Virginia for Democrats and Independents? Join. Ask people if they have voted.

Even if the group is in a neighboring state like Maryland, some Marylanders might have family or friends in Virginia. How about meetup.com? Any political groups in Virginia on there? Join. How about creating a reminder message on Reddit? There are SO many creative ways to get to large volumes of people.


And it is so essential because Republicans in Virginia are enthusiastic. We must counter that enthusiasm with our own and make ours DOUBLE or even TRIPLE what theirs is. So please — anything you can do will help. Even if you live in Alaska or North Dakota, or Wisconsin — or another state far from Virginia — call or write postcards or join one of the groups mentioned above. Do whatever you need to. Just help get Terry elected.

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