Donald Trump’s Post Office debacle goes even further off the rails

Donald J. Trump named Louis DeJoy as his Postmaster General. Last Friday, twenty-three USPS executives resigned or were canned. The United States Postal Service is more important than ever to red states and blue states, to deliver prescriptions and other online orders during a pandemic. Yet, it appears that there is intentional disorder and fraud taking place by this Trump administration.

It gets worse. As reported by Salon and other outlets, the head of the Iowa Postal Workers Union stating mail sorting equipment is being removed from U.S. Postal Service offices following operational changes enforced by top Trump donor Louis DeJoy, leaving mail to pile up. This does not bode well for the elections in the fall, when many will choose mail in or absentee ballots and vote like the president, Kellyanne Conway and others in the administration vote. According to Slate’s Jordan Weissman:

Louis DeJoy is a former logistics executive. One of the first things that most people noticed when he was selected to be the postmaster general was that he was a major Republican donor. He’s given apparently about $2.5 million to the Republican Party. He also donated to Donald Trump’s victory fund. People immediately started to worry that Donald Trump was putting a flunky in charge of the Postal Service. [Editor’s note: The postmaster general is not directly appointed by the president but by the Postal Service Board of Governors, which consists of nine governors appointed by the president.] The reason this would concern people is because Donald Trump has spent the last several years trashing the Postal Service, calling it a joke, saying how it needs to increase package prices, mostly because he hates Amazon, because Amazon is owned by Jeff Bezos, who owns the Washington Post.

Reports also indicate that DeJoy owns substantial stock in USPS competitors, including $30 million in XPO Holdings. Lindsey Graham is too busy trying to get his head out of Trump’s ass and same with Mitch McConnell. We have the most corrupt, destructive administration in power we have ever seen. We must do whatever is necessary to ensure a new tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on November 3.

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