Donald Trump’s pipe dream crashes as the Cyber Ninjas are chased out of existence

Back when the Cyber Ninjas were carrying out an absurd “audit” of the 2020 presidential election results in Arizona, the media kept insisting that it would cause unspecified “danger” and “damage” to our electoral process. The doomsday pundits on Twitter took things even further, predicting that similarly fraudulent audits would take place in other states, and that they would somehow be the end of democracy. But Palmer Report predicted that these fake audits would fail to change a single mind about anything before fading away.

Sure enough, it became clear that these audits weren’t going anywhere when the Department of Justice publicly signaled last May that it was looking into whether the Cyber Ninjas’ actions were legal. After that, the Cyber Ninjas ended up releasing a report admitting that Joe Biden did indeed legitimately win Arizona. And no other sham audits managed to get any real traction in other states either. In other words, Merrick Garland – the guy whom the doomsday pundits keep insisting has done “nothing” – managed to put these sham audits out of business just by threatening to poke around into their corrupt antics.

Now the Cyber Ninjas are officially shutting down. They’re admitting that their sham Arizona audit actually left them millions of dollars in debt, and they’re attempting to fend off $50,000 per day sanctions that a judge keeps hitting them with.


In other words, the Arizona “audit” – which was a combination of a corrupt cash grab for those on the ground, and an attempt at soothing the hurt feelings of election loser Donald Trump – has merely ended up harming them. Meanwhile, just as we predicted, not a single mind was changed about the 2020 election results. While these sham audits were a disgrace, the media’s months of doomsday hype about these fake audits was never anything more than a ratings grab.

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