Donald Trump’s narcissistic collapse

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There is a real term for what Donald John Trump is experiencing right now. It’s called a “narcissistic collapse.” The collapse is usually triggered by “someone or something that threatens the image and their false reality.” Thus, the collapse begins.

Many of these collapses are triggered by public humiliation — something the narcissist dreads. This collapse causes the self-defenses of the narcissist to stop functioning. Think of it as the walls literally crumbling. That is what is happening to Donald John trump.

After DeSantis announced his presidential campaign, Trump posted a fake audio call. The people starring in this fake call were (in no particular order:

Trump himself


The Devil

Elon Musk

Adolph Hitler

Dick Cheney

Klaus Scwab

George Soros

In this remarkably insane video, all of the people mentioned above, sans Trump, are arguing when Trump enters the room. He then warns the Devil that he (Trump) is about to “kick your ass very soon.” He also threatens to imprison George Soros and calls himself the ” real” president.

It’s just the latest bizarre posting from Trump. But you see, this is what he was always going to do. Trump is not a highly functioning person. I’d say, at this point, he is not functioning at all.

Many people see the malignant narcissist as being overly confident. That is not accurate. The truth is the malignant narcissist has almost no self-esteem whatsoever. What confidence they DO have is entirely based on other people and how they see them.

When the love, the admiration, and the worship recedes, many times, the narcissist can’t take it. Because it’s the ONLY thing propping up their distorted egos.

So yes, on a scale of one to ten in insanity, this posting was a ten. Trump is attempting to sound tough. When one challenges the Devil to a duel, people know they’re not dealing with a sane, well-adjusted person.


All of this will get even worse when more indictments come in. After all, Trump cannot even handle it when someone casually criticizes him. So what happens when he is ultimately held responsible for ALL his horrific actions? I wouldn’t expect THIS narcissistic collapse to end any time soon.

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