Donald Trump’s mental competency meltdown


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It is said by many that they take wisdom from the eternal night shine of starlight. The twinkling of millions of stars streaking our skies with light can have a soothing effect on many. Perhaps it’s their mystery, their luminescence. After all, nothing shimmers more brightly than the iridescence of stars.

Donald Trump has no wisdom and lacks the ability to gain any because he doesn’t listen. But perhaps — only perhaps — the stars caught him for one moment. Perhaps they did because Donald trump — startlingly, suddenly, and amazingly — said one thing — one tiny thing — that made sense.

Miracles can happen, and this is most definitely one such miracle. On Tuesday, Donald trump took to truth social. And he made a suggestion. That suggestion is “mental competency tests” for all presidential candidates. Oh Donald, Donald — what have you done?

Trump said that ALL candidates need to take a mental competency test. “Anyone running” were his exact words. “MAGA.” he ended with. Oh Donald — have you any idea what you’ve DONE? This idea is an excellent one. And if we ever were to implement it, the first person to be knocked out of the running would be Donald john trump.

Little truth social statements can tell us so much. This statement also shows trump’s delusions of grandeur. He thinks — he thinks — that he’d be able to actually PASS a test such as this. And he probably feels he’d pass with flying colors.

And if he didn’t pass — well, you know. Many test administrators could be called deep state by Donald Trump — because he’d never be able to admit the truth. Trump isn’t insane. Not in the least. But he likely — LIKELY — does have personality disorders. He is not a well man.

And some tests — good quality ones — would be able to pick up on these. I say “these” because, in my opinion, trump’s got more than one. Malignant narcissism is a possibility. So is antisocial disorder. Perhaps borderline personality. I do not know. I am not a psychologist. But one thing I know. Trump could not, in a million years pass such a test.

And his whole psyche would be framed and analyzed by these tests. In reality, all the test would do is reveal him for the damaged soul that he is. And because wisdom is not his friend, he is likely preening even as I write these words, thinking he HELPED himself. Such a sad, sad, little doomed traitor.


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