Donald Trump’s ‘Lion King’ meltdown gives away just how far gone he is

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According to some dream interpreters, if one dream of gymnastics, it can portend to a bad luck, maybe some bad news about a deal or exchange. Donald Trump may or may not have dreamed of gymnastics. However, the agile sport was certainly on his mind as he superimposed his head on the body of a gymnast — a pole vaulter, to be exact.

How charming! Does Trump, in fact, want to try the parallel bars next? How about the balance beam? I doubt he’d get much success at that. As you all know, Trump has begun to openly lose his mind. Nothing is off the table from adorning his tiny and sad truth social page.

And now gymnastics is the topic on hand. But wait! There’s more. Once again, Trump used the symbolism of the lion (which was undoubtedly supposed to represent him). Why Trump’s obsession with lions? It isn’t hard to understand.

The lion is the ultimate in power. This golden and wildly beautiful animal is the chief — the ultimate commander, the one who walks with authority and fearlessness. Everything about the lion is majestic, from their glowing manes to their torsos, which are magnificent and awe-inspiring. Lions are tawny, muscled beings with hypnotizing eyes and the type of stealthy footsteps to inspire both admiration and fear.

They are the kings. (And the Lioness the queen ).They are fierce, fearless and regal. They take no prisoners (unless you piss them off.)

All of this is what Trump desperately wishes he were. It is how he wants others to see him. Trump always wants to inspire both admiration and fear. He’d like to be a lion, wouldn’t he? The lion king — the ultimate in beauty and majesty.

Only what he wants can never be. I wouldn’t even call Trump a rat at this point, as that would be an insult to rats. What he is is his own animal. He is an orange mass, a shaggy bundle of beady-eyed evil, nastiness, with an aura of distaste and coldness which sends most (sane) animals and people running.


Trump is trying to escape the shell of who it is. But alas, he cannot. It is the people such as Jack Smith — those fearless ones who fight for justice — who may have the honor of being compared to the regal lion. Donald Trump is the lion’s prey, not the lion. The hunt is almost over. And the ones who stalk his criminal moves are bearing down on him quickly.

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