Donald Trump’s January 6th co-conspirators are now officially in a no-win situation – and someone’s going to flip

Numerous January 6th co-conspirators from the Trump regime now face the no-win decision of going to prison for contempt, or testifying to the committee and incriminating themselves. As a result, some of them may now seek immunity cooperation deals from the DOJ. Often just the specter of a congressional hearing can prompt movement on that front. For that reason, such hearings often end up accomplishing a lot more than just the testimony you see on your television screen.

Most of the media isn’t talking about the prospect of January 6th witnesses cutting DOJ plea deals in response to being subpoenaed, because it interferes with its current ratings-friendly “Trump and his people are getting away with it all and taking over in 2024” narrative. But back in the real world, in a criminal conspiracy this large, someone always cuts a deal.

There are at least a dozen key Trump people who were criminally involved in 1/6 or related election crimes, any one of whom can provide testimony and evidence to take the others down. You only need one of them to flip. And they’re all afraid someone else will flip on them first.

This is 100% different than the previous four years, where Trump’s people were holding out for pardons, Trump’s DOJ was sabotaging the criminal cases against them, etc. None of that exists now. There are no magic wands, only cooperation deals or prison sentences.


And no, Trump’s people can’t magically get off the hook by stalling. Even if the GOP wins the midterms, the DOJ criminal cases against them won’t go away or be sabotaged. And Trump’s people are not going to be willing to rot in prison until 2024 in the faint hope Trump wins and pardons them.

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