Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is already shaping up to be a disaster for him

Now that Donald Trump is gone, Palmer Report will only continue covering him on a few specific topics: his imminent impeachment trial, his ongoing criminal scandals, his eventual criminal charges and trials, his civil trials, and his inevitable financial collapse. Although we won’t be covering him in a broad sense, we feel it’s important to cover these specific topics in order to bring him to justice. And yes, we’ll only be using photos of Trump that have prison bars superimposed over his face, because the goal is to make sure he ends up in prison for his crimes.

To that end, Trump’s Senate impeachment trial could begin as soon as next week – and CNBC is reporting that he still has no lawyers and no legal strategy for the trial. This is notable because Trump relied on laughably inept lawyers while trying to overthrow the election result, but now he can’t get anyone at all. Even Rudy Giuliani has publicly begged off the trial, citing the fact that he’s involved in the incident that Trump was impeached over.

This is good news in the sense that the less prepared Trump is for his trial, the greater the odds are that he’ll be convicted and banned from ever running again. On the other hand, the more inept Trump’s impeachment strategy, the greater the odds that he ends up sending some completely embarrassing and offensive lawyer to represent him. At this point no one wants to have to sit through that. But it’s crucial that we convict him.

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